Ultimate Ridgehooks

The Roof Staging Starter System

Safety * Versatility * Adaptability

Q: What are Ultimate Ridgehooks?
A: Ultimate Ridgehooks are a pair of reversable, adjustable, steel "hinges" that straddle the roof ridge and allow you to attach your roof staging to 2X8 "legs". The 2X8s bolt to Ultimate Ridgehooks and provide a nailing base for your chimney or roof brackets. These "ladderless" ridgehooks adjust and lock to match the roof pitch and are then spaced the desired distance apart to meet the requirements of your staging planks.
Q: Why do I need them?
A: Many roofing materials, including slate and metal, simply can't be penetrated. On older buildings sheathing may not be continuous or sound. Multiple roof layers mean nails are unable to resist shear and will bend!
Q: How much weight will the hold?
A: On a 45 degree pitch roof, UR are rated for 1750 Lbs. Lower pitches allow for greater loads as long as you stay within the limits of the roof's load capacity.
Q: How do I attach the 2X8s?
A: Place Ultimate Ridgehooks on your 2X8s and drill 3/8 inch holes using the units as a guide. The bolts (included) will then go through the holes "nut side" up.
Q: Why not custom build?
A: Wood requires many nail/screw holes and is never as secure as metal for staging. It is more cumbersome and dangerous to erect and usually rocks and wobbles —which is unnerving and the work efficiency inevitably suffers. If you do chimney or roof repair and remodeling, the investment in UR will allow you to bid more aggressively and confidently on jobs you would otherwise shy away from.
Q: Will they work with my staging?
A: Yes. And if you want or need to build custom staging, as long as there is a roof ridge, Ultimate Ridgehooks is still the best way to start.
Q: Why not another system?
A: No other ridge-attached staging device offers you the flexibilty or platform area for your dollar (or any price) that Ultimate Ridgehooks do.
Q: One video shows circlips to retain the pins in place.  Why does my set have a spring ball on the pins instead?
A: Circlips are easy to lose and an unnecessary extra part.  The spring ball end serves the same purpose of keeping the brackets together until they’re set on the roof.  Remember: the 2 halves of each UR bracket “lock” the pins in place as soon as they’re set on the roof peak.